Download FREE Zbrush materials and get access to a series of video tutorials on how to make the most out of the bundle.

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What am I getting with the bundle?

You will be getting a package of tools that we at Art Heroes use on daily basis (and can vouch for!).

We developed them in-house, and you can surely use them to your advantage, too!

  • Bulletproof plug-and-play skin material
    To make the skin of your characters get this realistic look
  • Everyone's favourite eye material

    They say that eyes are the most important part of any character, and they are right. Never miss a chance to make an improvement to the eyes, you'll see the difference.
  • A series of mini-tutorials on how to use the materials

    Because it's not only about having the tools, it's about knowing how to use them well.
So... What's in the tutorials?
In the series of free tutorials that we will be sharing with you over the course of a week, you will see how to
  1. Use this bundle to achieve top results on your characters
  2. Make better-quality skin in your sculpts
  3. Make professional renders inside Zbrush