Expert of 3D printing and digital sculpting
Maarten Verhoeven is a winner of Zbrush LIVE sculpt-off in 2018 and an ambassador for WACOM and MSI. As a sculptor, he's known for his love to dark and weird.
Maarten is a frequent guest speaker at international art festivals.
He is well known for linking digital sculpture with 3D printing world. Maarten is passionate about 3D printing and surely knows a lot about its' practical applications.
Maarten is based in Belgium, working remotely with a variety of client from all over the world. His specializations are Zbrush, sculpting and all aspects of 3D printing.

To learn more about Maarten, listen to this interview with him at Art Heroes podcast!

Listen to the interview here
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4-week program on 3D printing for artists and digital sculptors. Learn how to engineer a 3D print and bring any concept to your desk.