3D print a model of any level of complexity and
Master 3D printing in under 4 weeks
4 weeks of pre-recorded content. Access it anytime.
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Skill level
Via private community
Course format
Program Overview
Bring your sculpts from ZBrush to your desk
Model Preparation
Step-by-step guide for preparation for 3D printing, for models of any complexity.
Analyze and solve problems
You will know what result to expect with your model before it reaches the printer.
How to polish and prepare your piece after it has been printed
Why take this Program
Start your miniatures business
If you already create your art in ZBrush, learn how to 3D print it and sell on marketplaces like Myminifactory and Patreon
Work in collectibles industry
To work with collectibles, you need to know how to make any piece fit for 3D printing from get-go.
Create your 3D print
Create and print anything, from jewelry to statues or wearables. If you can make it, you can print it!

Program content

You are expected to complete one module per week and report your progress.
  • Lesson 1: 3D printing technology
  • Lesson 2: Industries and applications
  • Lesson 3: Types of 3D printers
  • Lesson 4: Materials and filaments
  • Lesson 5: Optimizing the costs
  • Lesson 6: 3D printing in color
  • Lesson 7: Choosing a 3D printer
Program Instructor
We're proud to bring you the expertise of some of the best artists in the industry
    Maarten Verhoeven is freelance a digital sculptor with a love for the dark and weird. Zbrush Live Sculpt-off champion, he is great at bringing his sculpts to real life, with 3D Printing.

Student gallery

3d printed and painted sculp
Artwork by Julio Padula
3d print from ZBrush
Artwork by Thorge P
3d printing preparation
Artwork by Marlon Nunez
3d print from zbrush
Artwork by Jaime Ramirez
3d printed miniature
Artowrk by Thorge P
3d printed sculpture
Artwork by Julio Padula
3d printing model preparation
Artwork by Marlon Nunez
3d printing miniatures
Artwork by Julio Padula
3d printing for zbrush artists
Artwork by Julio Padula
3d print 3/4
Artwork by Julio Padula
Our students' feedback
  • I learned so much in this course, when i entered here i was a complete novice in zbrush, and now i feel confident to climb the tallest mountains in the 3d world. i had a lot of fun doing this course. Thanks for everything.
    Leo Couto, Brazil
    Art Heroes student, 2021
  • I was able to learn how to do things and I was also able to know what I need to work on after the course which will help me down the line.
    Mitchell R. King
    Art Heroes student, 2020
  • I learn new techniques to create art from the instructor who is the expert. Also, I got a lot of feedback to help me improve from other instructors and fellow students.
    Sebastian, Mexico
    Art Heroes student, 2020
  • I learned a lot, so I think it is super recomendable. The workflow and the constant correction of the instructor has given me another view of my work process.

    Julio Padula, Argentina
    Art Heroes student, 2020
  • I loved the length of the videos, it covered enough for me and then let me go off and figure stuff out for myself. The character I had was not the same as in the videos and there was a lot of room to go my own way. For me that was good as I had done enough step by step courses and some things don't stick that way. But using what I was taught in the videos on my own character brought up new challenges and locked a few things into place.
    Sean Olsen, Ireland
    Art Heroes student, 2020
  • The instructor gave very good advice and the pace of the course was just right. I learned lots and faster way to learn than just looking around random Youtube by myself.
    Momoko Okabe, Canada
    Art Heroes student, 2020
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