Master of Likeness, Digital Doubles &
Stylized Girls
Art Director and co-founder at Art Heroes, Marlon has been a part of some of the worlds' best teams, from EA, Blur, Goodbye Kansas or RealtimeUK.
Marlon specializes on digital humans and one of his big passions is creating stylized characters
Like many of you guys, I've been dreaming of creating cartoons and videogames since I was a child. This dream (not magically, but through thousands of hours of hard work) turned into career. I always had to dig a lot to learn, and sometimes "digging" for good information was much more time-consuming than practicing the skills, and isn't it annoying?
Now, as a professional digital sculptor, I'm on a mission to make learning 3D art skills easier, smoother and more fun. I know from my own experience that when you're just starting, it seems that there's so much out there: you don't know what's important, and what eventually will get you a job.

I'm refining all of this for you so that you could just focus on bringing your art to the next level and becoming the best version of yourself, your own hero.
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6-week intensive on character creation in Zbrush, weekly Q&A sessions and unlimited feedback
Advanced program for character artists looking at creating realistic characters and nailing digital doubles, from sculpting to lookdev.